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  • I've never used anything like Mia Pasione™ before. Where do I even start?
    Our recommended usage for Mia Pasione™ is yo always start slowly and work your way up to higher thrusts/speeds/vibrations. This methond is the safest and also enables the user to fully explore all the patterns and combinations of Mia Pasione™ to work out what you like best.
  • Is there and possibility I could accidentally harm myself or my partner with the Mia Pasione™by thrusting too hard?
    No. Mia Pasione™ has an internal safety switch meaning that if a certain amount of pressure is met by the thrust the motor will switch itself off. If your engage this safety switch it will not samage you Mia Pasione™ either you will be able to resume regular usage.
  • Does Mia Pasione™ have a warranty?
    Mia Pasione™ has an one-year warranty. Please find the detail at Warranty
  • Can Mia Pasione™ be used in water/submerged? Which lubricants are safe to use with Mia Pasione™?
    Do not use Mia Pasione™ underwater or fully submerge the toy. Mia Pasione™ is water resistant only. Water damage will void your warranty. Please ensure you charge the toy in a dry environment. We recommend using a high quality water based lubricant with Mia Pasione™.
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