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Our Philosophy

"Design for simplicity and style".

The starting point of Miamaxx - The "big brother" of  Mia Pasione™ and the base of technology. In 2012, we found thrusting machine in pleasure field is not simple enough, not stylish enough and not elegant enough. Bruno and his team start to improve the technology with  Research, Sociology, Ergonomics, and Creative Design.  


Simplicity is resonating with us, but that doesn't mean we allow compromise. Our attention to details make us becoming one of the front runners in pleasure field.

Mia Pasione™ is presenting - "Orgasm can be Simple and Stylish".

We intend to continue.

Meet the new age of thrusting pleasure tech Mia Pasione™ 

The Standard Thrust

3-speed thrust motion pushes the head to an extended 2.3 inches (58mm) and is controlled to be a slow sexy roll at level.

1 to regular speed

2 to medium speed 

3 to full fast motion 


"Pleasure Key" - The Pulse thrust

Exquisitely tantalizing 7 random thrust motion is a pre-programmed sequence of random strokes accessed by the “Pleasure Key".

A separate button on the control interface and when pressed allows Mia Pasione™ to tease and please in unexpected strokes and speeds never experienced before.


The randomness combination of sensual stimulation   - Long and Short, Slow and Fast with all strokes mimicking bring the impact until orgasm.

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Twist and click-on sleeves

Only Mia Pasione™ able to transform the existing vibe head (sleeve)  into another so easily.     


Just twist and click on only!

With 5 styles of removable sleeves,  Mia Pasione™ is delivering a unique experience to the user, especially who didn't feel the "In-body Orgasm" before.

(2 within the presentation box)


The Extension Ring

Desire for more? A gold ring allows for extra length to be added to Mia Pasione™ if deeper penetration is needed.

With a simple twist the sleeve is removed, the ring added and the sleeve repositioned on top.

It’s as easy as that.

Now you have 1inch (2.5 cm) more to play with.

As the said, we know you deep. 


Vibe Patterns

With 7 vibe patterns to add tantalizing play to an already delightful thrusting experience, you can share these pleasures with a partner and experience a heightened level of play.


Just find the vibe pattern you like and the thrust speed you prefer to play solo, with a partner or with others.

Your feelings matter to us. We hope you will feel that Mia Pasione™ knows you.

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